The Incredible Golden triangle with all its royal majesty

The Delhi-Agra-Jaipur tour package, popularly known as Golden triangle tour, is probably the most attractive tour package among the Indians as well as the foreigners. This exciting trip includes all the glimpses, starting from Mughal glory to Rajputana Grandeur. With the likes of TajMahal,FatehpurSikri in Agra, Delhi offers majestic Red Fort, while the pink city is a specimen of Rajasthani heritages.

  • Sightseeing at Delhi including the majestic view of Red Fort, Jama Masjid
  • Incredible TajMahal, UNESCO Heritage Fatehpur –Sikri with the touches of Mughal glory at Agra
  • World Heritage JantarMantar, Royal Heritage Amer Fort in the Pink City
  • Round trip transport with all accommodations
  • Driver guide and private guide providing touching historical commentary throughout the tour.

The Golden triangle tour is not only about visiting different spots, but also to experience the different cultures juxtaposing North India. The modern city-life in Delhi perhaps pulls one to feel how modern, how advanced India have grown to. The capital of India has enough charm in its QutubMinar, Lotus Temple, India Gate to attract the tourists. At the same time just a few miles away Agra holds the ancient Mughal History. The exquisite architectures built in the Mughal Era are the burning examples of Mughal History. FatehpurSikri,and Agra Fort have enough hypnotisability to take away oneself to the Mughal era. Finally,comes the gorgeous Pink City. Rajasthan itself is a very popular tourist destination.

Rajasthan Holiday Packages are the most incredible travel packages in India. A long Rajasthan Tour can give all the tastes of the desert of Bikaner to Mount Abu. The camel safari or the palaces or even the specimen of Rajputana Grandeur, all can be crowned to be the best mesmerising one. Rajasthan’s very own Jaipur holds principal attraction in the Golden triangle tour. JalMahal, JantarMantar, HawaMahal have something special above all the previous brilliants, one reckon. Even the pink city itself is an eye-dragger. The culture here probably something one always miss elsewhere, these are really special. Who will want to miss such a beautiful tour?

The tour starts from Delhi, an amazing representation of the contemporary India where the past glory has been mixed perfectly. Red Fort, popularly known as ‘LalQuila’ is an astonishing one. Still the startling with the thought of those two big gates of Red Fort, Jama Masjid, the biggest in India welcomes showcasing the Mughal opulence. Later on, the trip introduces the India Gate, Lotus temple, QutubMinar. After leaving Delhi, a few miles away, Agra waits with its heritage.

Starting for TajMahal to FatehpurSikri, all the wonderful ones carry the Mughal touches all over. One must think how creative Mughals were at that ancient times gifting such astonishing heritages for the travellers. The whole Agra sightseeing brings the historical context to thrill the tourists. When Golden triangle completes its two third, the last spot is the pink city which soothes all the thrills. Jaipur is a majestic one. Rajasthani culture and all the heritages here have moderated its attraction. JalMahal, the palace in the middle of Mansagar Lake is eye-grabber to watch.HawaMahal, JantarMantarare two of most attractive Rajputana architectures.

After bidding goodbye to Jaipur, it’s time to come back to the starting point. Golden Triangle may finish, but memories are everlasting. Golden triangle tour package is really an exclusive package with all the amenities to have a sweet trip, a bunch of sweet memories.


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