Steps To Build A Search Engine Friendly Blog

There are several platforms available in the web for making a blog. For example, Blogger and Word press. Here we are going to discuss about the making of a blog in a blogger platform.

Step 1: A Gmail account is necessary to create a blog in After creating a Gmail account, sign in to blogger, where you need to submit the Title and Domain name in the blogger. You would get a subdomain of If you want a custom domain, you register it online.

Step 2: Apply a theme that suites your niche. Also try to make the site dedicated for a particular niche. You can also add or remove a widget in the layout session of blog.

Step 3: You can also edit the html part of website. Before Editing, don’t forget to back up the template. There are several templates available for Blogger in the internet. You can find it by simply searching on Google and after that upload it in your blog.

Step 4: Start Blogging by publishing niche contents in the blog. The content should be written such that it is free from plagiarism. Avoid Duplicate Content, since google penalize the website if the crawler finds duplication in the website. Keep blogging with unique and original content.

Step 5: Create an account in Google analytics and Google webmaster tools. Google Analytics would help you to track the performance and traffic of the Website. Integrate the code from Google Analytics to the layout of website.

Step 6: In the case of Google Webmaster Tools which helps to track the performance of website in Search Engines. Webmaster tools helps you to submit a sitemap of website in it, so that the crawlers of Google can quickly index the website. Also if you want to remove a url from search engines, you can done it in the webmasters tool. Verification of this account is necessary, and it can be done in couple of techniques such as placing the verification code from webmasters to your website’s html page.

Step 7: Do On Page Optimization. In this technique, you want to create Meta Tags. Meta Tags include Meta Description and Meta Keywords. Meta Description must be catchy and easy to understand, whereas Meta Keywords must be relevant keywords from Website.

Step 8: Do Off Page Optimization. This technique is mainly done for boosting your site’s rank in search engine results page. The main purpose of this technique is creating Backlinks. So Link building is essential. There are several methods available for creating high quality backlinks. Some of them include Blog Commenting, Article Submission, Press Releases, Forum Participation, Guest Blogging and so on.

Step 9: If you get a decent traffic after following the above steps, You can apply for Google Adsense. Before that, you want to publish content in regular intervals. Also it is necessary to publish at least one post daily. So that once it reached 60 posts, you can apply for Google Adsense.

Step 10: Apply for Google AdSense and once the account is approved, you can enjoy earning money through Cost Per Click or Cost Per 1000 Impressions.

Bio: The Author of this article, Arun Mohan is writing articles for Swap Dial and Agrraj Consultancy Services.


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