Solid Tips to Maintain your Limestone Area Clean

Having a stone counter tops or flooring in your house adds expensive touch to the property. These natural stones are built to offer completely new and luxury look to the area having durability and low maintenance feature making it into a good investment. Using limestone in your home design can offer many benefits. It is versatile in nature and is acceptable in different spaces of home interior.

Be it the natural or limestone, each carries a rich history and brings out the European ambiance to your home. However, to keep it sparkling and well maintained, it is important to use product friendly stone care cleaning items. There are many stone care products available in the market that are worth investing on.

If you are preparing to clean the limestone flooring or counter tops, then here are few tips you need to consider for promising results-

  • Prepare the Area-

Before doing the deep cleaning of the area, then it is better to have a limestone counter using dry cloth and remove any dirt of the surface. If you have a limestone floors, then use vacuum or dry map the area. However, to remove the dirt make sure to add limestone cleaner that will help in making the process much easier. Preparing the area well will help in cleaning the limestone counter top and flooring easily.

  • Cleaning Limestone Surface-

You can clean the limestone surface by making it wet using the drop cleaning product. Simple dip the non-abrasive shimmy or sponge which you get along with the cleaning product and start cleaning the product. Make sure the soap is non-acidic and is limestone friendly.

  • Stain Removal for Floors and Counters

If you are indulging in deep cleaning of the floor or counter tops, make sure to use homemade poultice cleaner. You must create a thick paste by mixing flour and hydrogen peroxide and place it over the troubled area of the limestone. Later leave it dry and rinse it clean using the sponge method.

Apart from using such stone care products, other tips to maintain the quality of stone, especially limestone flooring and counter tops-

  • Always protect the counters from hot pots and pans. Excessive heating of the counter top can lead to thermal shock.
  • Always use top quality of limestone care products that keeps the area stain free and doesn’t harm the stone.

Following the right tips to keep the limestone flooring and counter tops will help in getting a good investment return for long term.

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