Reasons to switch to cloud financials now

In the dynamic world from virtually to digitally, everywhere you see move cloud computing is being discussed. Everyone is curious about what is cloud computing and how it is beneficial for the business or organisation in monetary terms!

In these emerging days, every businessman shifted towards cloud accounting to see a difference, moving their all business functions to the cloud including email, invoicing software , business projects & project management and payroll.

Even though the rising popularity of cloud computing, businessmen are afraid of moving their data to the cloud storage. The reason behind this is most often insecurity of their data. In their office, they feel more secure than cloud computing by reason of they can physically see and check their server and data.

How do cloud merchants keep your financial report protected?

For the cloud financial merchants, keep your financial data safe and secure is critical for their business. If they undergo with any type of data loss or intervention, then they would lose their business existence.

How did they assure you that your data is safe and secure?

  • They payout 6 digit figures amount for securing and backing up of your data.
  • They create parallel data centres in backup, so that in case if one were completely demolished, your data is still secured by parallel data centres.
  • Clients data is completely segregated from the email threats.
  • They hire “White hat” hackers to try to crack their safety protocols.
  • They hired loaded defender, biometric security and intrusion detection for making sure no unauthorized persons can access your data.

Benefits of cloud accounting and storage for the organizations :

  1. More appropriate cash flow: There is no longer required of making large capital investments in database licenses, upscale servers, infrastructure and implementation. Those expenditures are turned to the cloud vendor and you can easily pay for what you use and as per your requirements per-user, per month.
  2. It increases self-service which will help clients to do more: Self-service is the way of serving oneself, ordinarily in purchasing items. And it is one of the leading characteristics of cloud accounting software. The cloud-based networked system contains a robust access management infrastructure to restraint authorization for forming and creating a report.
  3. You want to make a change then you have to think ahead: Those challenges and opportunities which are faced by businesses today are not going down in future instead it’s going higher due to competition.
  4. Reduced maintenance cost: cloud accounting software requires only subscriptions, installation of upgrades and improvements. With cloud accounting, you have no longer to pay professional fees and high maintenance cost to maintain your accounting software.
  5. Cloud accounting makes your business lean: With the historical method of financial procedures which are rooted in paper forms and documents. From one department to another it takes to stand in way of growth. While these manual steps can hold up the productivity and reduce the cash inflow, going with GST software makes your work paperless, instantly saves costs and improves accuracy.  

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