Learn More About Cell Phone Monitoring Software

Previously the means of tracking was to find out the location of the monitored device but these the meaning of the mobile monitoring is entirely changed. Today the monitoring of the controlled device is not limited up to the location only, but it is now used to track everything such as multimedia images, social site passwords, messages, bank detail and many more.

 These days there is various software, and Android application for mobile spying is available on the internet. One of the best mobile spying software is Xyspy. This software offer monitoring of the device without the identification. If you are willing to learn more spy cell phone software features than this post for you.

Some Basic Features Of Xyspy Mobile Spy Software

Xyspy can offer you the best monitoring solution which it is considered as one of the best mobile monitoring software which can enable you to keep eyes on your kinds and other person’s internet activity without acknowledging them. The mobile spying software offers multiple features some of them are:

  • Location Tracking

It is one the primary function which almost all the tracking software provides. With the help of this feature, you can find the location of your kinds, old parent, younger sibling and other. You can easily see the name of the site along with the distance from your current location.

  • SMS Spy

This feature of the mobile monitoring software allows you to see all the message of the targeted device. You not only able to see it but you can also save the news and even know the name and the phone number of the monitored device.

  • Call Spy

The Xyspy mobile software allows you to spy all the voice and the video call of the monitored device. You can listen to all the conversation of the controlled device without the fear of the identification. With software also help you to find out the duration of the call along with the date and time. All the recording of the monitored device will get saved into your account from where you can listen to it anytime you want.

  • Social Media Spying

These days almost every person spend lots of time on the social site such as Facebook, Instagram WhatsApp and other places. The mobile spying software allows you to find out the social media activity of the monitored device. Thus by installing this software, you can drag all the information of the targeted person’s account.

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