Know more about Snaptube

Snaptube is an Android tool to download videos from different compatible sites at higher speed and one can play these downloads later without internet connection. There is an abundance of awesome features of the app and them just a few clicks away.

All you require in an app

  • Categories: As a user you will be surprised with multiple categories available in the app. There are about eleven categories to enhance your experience. Different categories help in exploring more and discover the videos you desire. Categories include sports, funny, popular, etc. Swiping from left to right helps to easily switch the categories and a person can scroll through the videos.
  • Search Tool: the search engine in this app is a magnificent feature to particularly look for the videos one is interested in. Just manually type the keywords and you will receive a list of desired video results. All videos related to your keywords will emerge and can be downloaded.
  • A plethora of compatible sites: Lots of social networking sites and video-sharing sites are prevalent. Videos from any of these sites can be viewed faster and easily downloaded on your device through Snaptube It usually happens that friends or anonymous people upload videos on social sharing sites and few videos we just love to watch, this app makes it possible hassle free. Thereby you can watch them later as well.
  • Quality: The videos available on sites have different formats and resolutions; as such it is not possible to download them for every user. But this app makes it feasible to download the highest quality and also the conversion of any format.
  • Music: A special feature of the app is the extraction of videos into MP3 format for the benefit of users. The app also offers a list of hit charts. Therefore audio files can be accessed conveniently with the support of this app.

Snaptube is the simplest way to download music and videos, saving users time and space. Hopefully, you also find the features beneficial but must be perplexed on how to download the app. Let us illustrate.

Snaptube on your Android

The size of the app is merely 11.78MB and there are no prices for installing the app. Find below the steps for your Android device:

  • Open Settings of your Smartphone- Applications- Turn on Unknown Sources
  • Download the APK file of the app. finding the file is not difficult as apart from the official website, there are several sites that provide this file.
  • The file automatically is available in your downloaded files. Locate the file and tap on its icon. On installation either you can keep the file or remove it.
  • The app once installed will be visible in Applications Menu and you can start enjoying.

It is a free and powerful application which has numerous features for Android users. The developers have made the interface quite simple for even a layman to use for future viewing. At present Snaptube is only accessible on Android phones.

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