Keep the Hackers at Bay with CSGO Prime Accounts

The ratio as to which one can find hackers in CSGO, has considerably increased over the years, especially from when it was released back in 2012. As a rule of thumb, the more number of players in any game, the more there are chances of encountering hackers in them, and CSGO really takes the cake when it comes to players and accounts that are currently active in the game. On an average, around 11 million users play the game every month, and constitute the number of active users.

As such, the number of hackers people can find in the game is also a lot higher than the average they’d find in other multiplayer shooters like R6 siege or Overwatch. One of the best ways to counter this sudden rise in number of hackers in the game, and overcome the difficulties this enforces, is to buy CSGO prime accounts.

Prime accounts in CSGO are those accounts which are deemed as unique and verified in a player’s name and subsequent account. Once an account has been verified using the same number that is used in a player’s steam authenticator, they are allowed to use it and play in prime ranked matchmaking. Using these CSGO prime accounts, players can participate or restrict themselves to prime – only ranked matches, so that all the players currently present, are all those who have and are using prime accounts to play and not normal ones.

Why is choosing to use CSGO prime accounts deemed as effective when it comes to hackers?

  • The whole process of being able to qualify for a prime account in CSGO is quite tedious and long. First off, players need to make their account worthy of ranked matchmaking, and after that, they have to play months on at an end, in order to move up to level 21. Only after being a level 21 account holder, is any player finally allowed to be able to apply for prime account status, and begin the verification process.
  • For those who haven’t decided to shop prime ranked accounts, they need to use their own contact number and verify the account with it. This is one crucial factor of how it makes prime matchmaking effective, when it concerns hackers. Any number a player uses to register as prime, is a unique one and that number cannot be used to verify any other account. Also, in case a player gets banned, they won’t be able to use this number while making a new account.
  • Another reason is that the whole process leading up to prime ranked matchmaking eligibility and verification, is quite tedious. No person would like to have to face the whole ordeal again. Even if the reason is a genuine one, and they have been wrongly banned or suspended, then players would need to buy cheap CSGO prime accounts if they want to jump back into prime matchmaking.

Therefore, these are two of the more important reasons which makes using CSGO prime accounts all the more effective. Not only does it severely reduce the number of hackers in prime, but also ensures that there are enough, serious and skilled players there.

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