How Sitting Posture can lead to Back Pain?

Well, if you are thinking that you are alone who is facing back pain due to sitting position, then you is wrong. There are millions of people globally, especially working professionals who face back pain due to wrong sitting position. In fact, it is the most common cause of back pain. Working professionals who work exhaustively for 8 hours a day sitting on the chair face back pain issue as the age grows. Prolonged bending, heavy lifting and standing for long hours, are further contributors to these.

According to the Cornell University Department of Ergonomics, more than 90% of pressure is put on our back while sitting or standing which results to back pain. This is when we need to check out the surgeon for the medication purpose. Some surgeon would prefer for surgery if any spinal disc misplacement happen, while other ask to undergo chiropractic care, a holistic approach toward back pain.

Professional surgeon or Chiropractor in Boynton Beach would examine the issue and accordingly would offer chiropractic care. The ultimate aim is to ensure pain free back. Let us now check how sitting posture can lead to back problems-

  • Looking downwards to screen or book-

Our head weighs on average of 10 lbs. and if there is any single slight forward will put enough strain to upper back and neck muscles. If we lean more forward, then it will further lead to back pain. The more pressure we apply by bending, the more pain we get on the lower back.

  • Shoulders getting Rolled Forward-

Sitting in a wrong posture in a wrongly structured chair contributes towards the back pain. If you are facing this issue then stand with your feet should width apart letting your arms hanging down to your sides. Make sure your thumb points forward so you can properly balance.

  • Leaning forward using Lower Back-

Applying pressure to your lower back is the major reason why we end up facing back pain. While we lean forward by applying more pressure to the lower back, the posture gives more pressure to vertebrae resulting to back pain.


Over the lifetime, sub-consciously we end up making wrong habits without noticing how it can affect our health. The similar case is with our back pain which happens due to our habit of sitting in wrong posture. It is better to connect with the right surgeon or chiropractor in Boynton Beach to get the best medication and assistance to bring down the back pain.

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