Go4hosting Partners with Alibaba Cloud to Bring State-Of-The-Art Technology Solutions to Clients

Go4hosting is one of the top-ranked hosting service providers with an impeccable reputation for delivering quality hosting solutions to enterprises across various industry sectors in the industry. The company was established in 2000 and has over the years established themselves as one of the top players in the cloud hosting niche. Their mission is to deliver the best quality hosting and data center services to their clients backed by unrivaled customer support.

Go4hosting has now entered into a partnership with another big name in the industry, Alibaba Cloud to provide their clients with cloud-based hosting solutions of the ultimate quality.

Go4hosting already enjoys a huge reputation in the industry for their range of offerings such as dedicated server, VPS hosting, business email solutions and cloud computing solutions. They have one of the most sophisticated data centers powered by state-of-the-art technology that can provide security of the highest level for all data and information handled by the center. Their reliable servers are among the fastest in the industry and offer 99.95 per cent network uptime guarantee.

By partnering with Alibaba Cloud, the enterprise aims to add more ammunition to their hosting solutions arsenal. They are looking to provide their clients more cutting edge technological solutions and easy application of advanced technologies to business situations.

Both the companies have the technological expertise and the manpower resources needed to provide a range of solutions in the cloud hosting niche, covering everything from basic to the highly advanced and everything in between. Customers can avail of the following services from the newly formed collaboration and access a set of advanced features and tools to have a highly enhanced hosting experience.

  • Web Hosting
  • Multimedia Hosting
  • Internet Hosting
  • Gaming Hosting

Web Hosting:

The powerful combination of the features and technology of Alibaba and Go4hosting comes with high flexibility. The web hosting solutions offered can dramatically change your business environment without interrupting your services. You can use the services to tap newer markets and expand your business footprints by delivering a truly seamless hosting experience to clients. You can guarantee them the highest level of security and integrity of their business data by utilizing the superior technologies offered by both the companies.

Multimedia Hosting:

Are you handling large volumes of multimedia assets? Does your site deal with many gigabytes of video content? You can enjoy a better hosting experience with Go4hosting. Trust the enterprise to provide quality cloud storage management, and uninterrupted media provision to make your multimedia hosting tasks a breeze. The company’s partnership with Alibaba Cloud has further enhanced their capabilities. You can scale up the level of multimedia hosting services effortlessly and smoothly by using the powerful hosting solutions from Go4hosting.

Internet Hosting:

In the ever-changing, IT world, a whole range of vital utilities are being brought under the technology umbrella through the use of software systems and sensors. Are you planning to swerve your business through the fast-track of software-driven solutions? Go4hosting can help you achieve your business goals. They bring to you the world’s most trusted and sophisticated IT technologies that can give your backend management a greater stability while enhancing your scaling capabilities.

Gaming Cloud

The buzzwords in the entertainment industry today are augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR). They are also the backbone of the gaming industry. If you are into gaming hosting, you can do better with the innovative and exciting technology that Go4hosting offers. You can deliver a truly unique gaming experience to your customers by leveraging the flawless processing powers of cloud powered data centers and distributed application hosting services from Go4hosting and Alibaba Cloud.

The combined efforts of Go4hosting and Alibaba can create powerful and unique hosting solutions that can help organizations achieve their goals and drive their business to new heights of success.

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