Elephant Symbolism in Indian Culture

Greatly regarded as an animal with almost human-like feelings, the elephant has been adored and praised in lots of the earth’s greatest cultures. Even in societies wherever individuals seldom see an actual elephant, this irresistible giant performs an important symbolic function.

Elephant Symbolism In Numerous Cultures

Elephant Symbolism In In Buddhism & Hinduism

The elephant also has incredibly specific religious meanings for both Hindus and Buddhists. For Hindus, elephants are essential due to their connection with all the Ganesha, one on the most worshiped symbols of the subcontinent.

The representation of Ganesha being an elephant is highly symbolic, and further elucidates the significance of the elephant to Indians in general. For instance, the large ears show his ability to listen patiently and think before speaking, and the small eyes symbolize his focus on spiritual rather than physical vision.

When it comes to Buddhism, it is believed that the Buddha reincarnated several times as an elephant. The white elephant is particularly crucial since it is believed that Buddha lived as one after reaching Enlightenment.

The significance from the white elephant goes beyond that, however: the noble, just about otherworldly creature represents mental clarity, specifically the kind that is needed to achieve Enlightenment.

As a contrast to this, the grey elephant is sometimes used to represent a clouded, undisciplined mind, and therefore the transition from grey elephant to white elephant represents the spiritual progression of an individual.

The elephant has intricate, deep-reaching significance in Indian tradition, representing what is needed to reach Enlightenment as well as representing Enlightenment itself.

Wisdom and clarity of mind as symbolized by an elephant are perfectly suited for a mandala, the virtues on the elephant are worth emulating. For all these reasons, a person creating a mandala can’t go wrong by selecting the elephant as their theme.

Elephant mandala symbolism is truly powerful, helping an individual to achieve focus and bring, ultimately, prosperity to their lives.

Elephant Symbolism In The Far East

From the Far East, the elephant’s round and massive body, as well as its whitish-grey color, lead to it staying a representation of clouds. Hence the myth of the purported existence of winged elephants believed to constitute the cloudy skyline. In Siam, Laos, and Cambodia, the white elephant grants rainfall and plentiful harvests. But when ridden by Indra, Lord with the Heavens, the elephant becomes the Storm-God.

The elephant also performs the position in the animal that holds up the whole world. Elephants are the caryatids of the universe. They possess in themselves the structure with the cosmos: their structure is composed of four pillars supporting the celestial sphere, symbol of stability and immutability.

Yoga associates the elephant to the chakra M Muladhara, in turn, associated while using the element Earth and the mastery in the center upon the four directions of terrestrial space. Concerning the Tree of Life, uniting Heaven and Earth, the elephant is found at the top, from where by stems Light enlightening the entire world from your peak down to the valley. Its feet and its trunk, shaped like an S, are linked the ground by its two ears, on another symbolic plane, corresponding to the two blades on the double-edged ax of ancient Cretans.

According to Buddhist teachings, Queen Maya conceived the Buddha from an elephant calf that caressed her body with its trunk while she was asleep. In this way, the elephant calf is seen as the instrument of Heaven’s action and blessing that will give birth to the Avatar

Elephant Symbolism-White Elephant Symbolism

A White Elephant Gift Exchange is a popular Christmas event whereby individuals vie to walk away while using the most effective presentation. Then what is the white elephant symbolism?

In Southeast Asia, white elephants are considered omens of good fortune and political change in Thailand, Myanmar, and Cambodia. Thailand adopted the symbolic importance of white elephants from Cambodia when Ayutthaya invaded and conquered the Angkor Kingdom. The Hindu God Ganesh has the body of a man but the head of an elephant; hence he is both the symbol for power and authority. When a white elephant was caught in Rhakine state in 2010, it signified the opening up of Myanmar to more democratic change that came inside the following months.

Elephant Symbolism-Elephant Dreams

When Elephant appears in your Dreams it is a symbol of faithfulness, intellect, strength, and power.

Depending on the true color of an elephant which appears within your dream, they may have some meanings.

Dreaming about elephants might be a sign that you must recall something or is retelling you not to forget something important

It might signify somebody powerful and significant or something large you deal with in your waking life.

Dream about a baby elephant might represent a problem which seems to be insignificant or small now but has the possibility of getting worse in near future.

Elephant Symbolism- Get Insight into your life From Elephant Symbolism

What is the meaning of elephant symbolism Find out what symbol the elephant spirit animal is trying to teach you, and gain some insight into your life?

Do you feel like you’ve lost your way?

When migrating elephants do not rely on instinctual guidance to know where to go. They rely on their elders to teach them the right path. If you’re feeling lost and unsure of wherever to go trust the elephant totem to lead you inside the way you should go. Meditate and seek direction from this wise and powerful mentor.

Are you facing overwhelming obstacles?

Whether inside the African savanna or the jungles of Asia few stand within the way on the elephant! Predators know better than to mess together with the power of the herd and in Asia they are famed for shaping the jungle. When you’re facing obstacles that feel overwhelming draw within the power with the elephant totem. Use the insight and wisdom to help overcome that obstacle through the elephant’s power.

Are you pursuing a new academic venture?

Whether you’re furthering you’re education or simply taking on a new project at work the elephant totem can help you. Elephants are identified for their memory and intelligence. You can use this totem to help you study and remember facts for tests or upcoming reports and meetings. Draw over the power of this spirit animal to help keep the details in your brain in which they belong!

Are you in a placement in which you have to stand up for others?

Elephants are strong and powerful creatures. However, they know that their strength becomes monumental when they come together and protect one another. If you’re in a placement exactly where you find yourself having to stand up for others embrace it! This spirit animal is protective and will use its strength to not only guard the ones it loves but others who need help.

Elephant Symbolism-Elephant Being an Animal Totem

We can see elephant totem in art, House decoration and in fashion, like elephant paintings, elephant blanket, elephant Decorations, and elephant necklace, elephant earrings, elephant bracelets are popular around the whole world, because of good luck, wisdom, fertility, and protection. Wearing or placing in your home the image of an elephant the image of the elephant with its trunk raised is thought to attract good fortune. Elephants with their trunks down are thought to generally be accumulating positive energy and pushing through obstacles and are particularly potent totems for those seeking fertility, wisdom, or strength.

The elephant is identified for their intelligence, strength, and loyalty. These creatures are not only mighty in stature but spirit. Called Shaman of the Savanna they embody a strong connection along with the heavens and celestial power. As a spirit animal, they call us to live a life of responsibility, power, memory, and loyalty.

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