6 Designs That Are Best as Plantation Signs

Beautiful signage needs a great base well to be worked on. Otherwise, it gets difficult to print or paint rough or uneven bases. There are so many popular plantation signs and here is a glimpse of that based on the materials commonly used for the plantation sign:-

  • Designs on carved wood:-These kind of designs on components like plywood are very popular for plantation sign as they last longer, they are strong and for painting, you get a smooth and firm base. Also, it remains intact in any weather condition. These are used widely as site signs, sign panels, billboards, and traffic and highway signs.

  • Designs on Aluminium:-Aluminium is also very popular and easy to use. A wide range of sizes and colors are available for aluminum. This is an ideal choice as outdoor material as they do not rust and lettering can be done smoothly over it. The plantation sign on aluminum is mostly used for real estate signs and no parking signs.

  • Aluminate:-This material is not corrodible easily, it is strong and it is thick. Therefore, it is the most preferred choice when it comes to making the signage design. It does not peel, crack, flake or chip. For any type of sign, this material can be used. This kind of designs is used mainly in applications such as- billboards, fence or wall mount, cut-outs, laser printing, channel letters etc.


  • Acrylic:-This material is made out of the monomer of the material called Methyl Methacrylate. This material has a great tensile strength. This material is malleable and any kind of physical strains can be taken by his material. These signs can be easily and swiftly customized on this material as well. Also, you do not need to worry about maintenance These acrylic signs are ideal for indoor usage mostly than outdoor usage.


  • Banner:-Banners generally come as a material that is reinforced vinyl. Only on one side, the graphics are printed here. The printed words are of larger sizes which attract the people more.


  • Coroplast:-Also known as corrugated plastic, this material is of very lightweight and this signage material is very cost effective. This is easily customizable, is of high longevity and ideal for indoor usage.

There are many other designs available as well depending on different material and purposes. Choose any one as per your requirement and according to your purpose and place.


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