5 Effective Steps to Develop a Video Marketing Strategy on a Limited Budget

Video marketing is now gaining more strength because, besides big brands, small businesses like startups are also getting a hold of it. It has now become an essential part of the SEO services to increase sales and generate more leads. Just like any other marketing strategy, it also requires complete analysis and a strong thought process on how to go about it, especially when you are on a strict budget. The steps you can follow for an effective video marketing strategy are as follows:

1. Choose Your Target Audience

When you are ready to venture into the digital business world, first understand what type of videos users generally like to watch, as in, what type of content. You can observe the other digital marketers in the same sector to know more about what is currently the trend and then think what changes, if any, you can bring to the user’s experience through your efforts. You need to learn what problems people are facing and how you can help them through your product. Keeping your plans aligned to their needs will definitely make you more powerful in the industry.

2. Determine the Type of Video

After you have performed thorough research on your audience, you should now focus on deciding the right type of videos, which will strike the right chords with your customers. Video marketing services allow you to include three types of videos:

  • Storytelling Type- narrates the story of the history of the company, employees etc.
  • Testimonials – are generally feedback videos from your previous prospective clients who have benefited from your services
  • Animated Videos- describe the ‘how to’ aspect of any problem today

All three of them have their own significance and depending on your area of work, you should choose one among them.

3. Take Help from Professionals

No matter how simple this process may seem, it actually isn’t so, especially if you are on a limited budget. You can only invest in hiring a professional video maker who will create exceptional videos for your business just the way you want. Getting it done from a professional will surely showcase your authenticity and prevent any hurdles. It would be great if you have a professional video marketer in your team because it will save you a lot of money. The reason behind the success of a good SEO agency is that they have professionals for every part of the work.

4. Check the Video Length

Most of the marketers think that the longer the videos they have, the more the number of customers attracted to them. However, this is not the case. You should create videos of an ideal length – which is about 60-90 seconds. In fact, if you create longer videos, people are more likely to abandon it within the first 10 seconds. To create a video, which satisfies the length criteria, you should think about the purpose, which the video wants to fulfill and add only content related to that. Keeping a check on the video length is a necessary skill of video marketing services.

Having listed a few steps to follow for video marketing, it is also vital to decide first whether you are ready to start your video marketing process or not. This is because there will be a lot of shortcomings and hurdles, but you need to take a tough stand for every one of them. Therefore, it is very important that you follow all the steps properly with much care and attention to avoid them as much as possible.

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